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About bespoke tailoring, custom tailored dress shirts - the online tailoring & bespoke service

Customers are able to order bespoke dress shirts, shirts and suits that are made to measure.

Bespoke tailors will craft and custom made your shirt, in 24 hours. There is free international shipping on all bespoke taylored shirts and suits.

Our custom dress shirts, and fashion shirts are crafted by master tailors, and the business is managed by leading business developer from Ireland, Italy and the UK.

There is free worldwide delivery on all custom dress shirts, and bespoke suits and pants

You can place an order for bespoke shirts that are individual to you at a cost far below the cost of shirts on other websites. The identical bespoke shirt can be ordered in a number of different fabrics, once you have created your bespoke shirt to your own unique measurements, you can have your shirt shipping out via fedex, for fast international delivery.

We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with your custom designed shirts and offer a 45 day hassle-free, same-day moneyb-back guarantee on all orders.

Chemise sur mesure en France - livraison Gratuite

La gamme de chemises s'expand tout le temps. Maintenant, on peut acheter une chemise sur mesure pour seulement 59.99 Euros. C'est un prix extraordinaire. La qualite est d'un niveaux tres haut, et nous vous proposons une assurance de 45 jours, pendant que vous pouvez evaluer votre achat.

Nous parlons le francais, et alors, si vous voulez nous contacter, nous pouvonx vous donner de authres renseignements sur notre service en ligne, de chemise sur mesure a

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